Vindemio Regain 2008

I am admittedly a wine novice, particularly when it comes to French wines.  During our time in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, located in France’s southern Rhone region, we explored a small, but important, part of the wine landscape.  However we were ill-prepared on this adventure and the language barrier proved to be a sticking point in my multiple attempts to learn about the wine.  So when I’m looking for wine I generally shy away from the French varietals, which is so sad… I am missing out!  And that was made quite clear to me when I took a chance on this bottle from Cote de Ventoux, also located in the Rhone region of France.  There are many things about this wine I like.  The black and pink peppercorn scent hits you instantly and it develops into a beautiful roasted red pepper flavor that remains bright and punchy throughout the entire sip.  We had a great time drinking this bottle and, because we purchased a case, have many more to enjoy and share.  Now you might be thinking ‘a case foodie-girl?!? That is crazy – I can’t just buy a case of wine!’  Well my friends, then you haven’t heard of Last Bottle Wines!  My friends in Napa turned us on to this site, where they feature one bottle for 24 hours at deeply discounted prices.  Believe it or not we got these bottles for a mere $7.90/each!  If you buy a minimum number, generally 6-12, then shipping is free and we will often split a case with friends.  Once the supply is sold out they put up another wine for sale.  The discounts will vary with a beautiful bottle of Bordeaux selling at $75 with an original pricetag of $200.  These are fun to look at but definitely not on the clearance rack I can afford.  But there is something at least once a week that sticks out and we have tried several bottles now that we would never had been so adventurous to explore.  We general put one or two bottles into our small ‘collection’ and keep the rest for immediate enjoyment.  That’s what wine is for, right?  So I strongly encourage you to give Last Bottle Wines a look – something tells me you will have a package of wine waiting at your doorstep in no time!



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  1. Candy

    I'm a wine novice too but find I am enjoying it more as I learn and try new varieties. Thanks for information about the discount site. Off to check it out now!

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