Chateau Croix-Mouton 2007

Snapshots of memories frozen in time filled my mind as soon as I popped the cork.  A flash of cool, musty air.  The chill of the stone wall against my palm.  Red grapes seeping through the oak, coloring it a deep maroon.  I was in a wine cave – the scent of the cork took me there almost instantly.  Wine and food have the incredible power of awakening all of our senses, not just our taste buds.  We associate what we eat and drink with feelings, memories.  It is the focal point of a celebration, comfort in a time of pain.  Before even tasting this wine I was already filled with warmth and ease, remembering the first time I wandered down the stairs into a wine cellar (Dievole, in Tuscany) and looking ahead with a familiar anxiety, anticipating our exploration of Laguardia’s underground cellars.  It had been one of those days and I had been daydreaming of opening this bottle of Chateau Croix-Mouton since lunch.  The weather was ideal and Z and I made our way to the roof, bottle in hand.  I purchased this wine at the 610 Magnolia Wine Studio during a monthly tasting.  Along with a bottle of Chateau D’Esteau Haut Medoc, this Bordeaux left an impression on me and it didn’t disappoint.  Initial earthy aromas are coupled with vegetal notes.  There is a round, nurturing blueberry sweetness about this wine and it finishes with a touch of citrus leaving the mouth refreshed and satisfied.  We sat, sipped and enjoyed the view.  I knew that the next time I had a bottle of Bordeaux it would bring back memories of this evening, the memory of letting the worries dissipate, watching the world go by.  The wind swept through and the sun leaned forward as it began to drop, waving broad strokes against our backs.  I felt myself relax.




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