Sixty Posts Later…


Cooking in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy, on our Honeymoon, our first food and wine adventure!

Seven months, sixty posts, countless heads of garlic and lots of wine later, I think I’ve gotten the hang of this thing they call food-blogging.  And I couldn’t love it more.  This has been an exercise in many layers for me, forcing me to build confidence in myself, trust in my own judgement, and to expand my view of what it means to be a home cook.  I think we all long to find a niche where we fit comfortably, a place that feels like you are meant to be there and that you have always belonged.  Foodie-Girl fits me just right.  In a few short hours Z and I will be boarding a plane for Spain, visiting Barcelona, the Rioja wine country and San Sebastian.  Culinary and wine inspiration will be in abundance, I am sure.  I am as excited to hop from from tapas bar to tapas bar as I am to have my very first michelin-starred restaurant experience at Alkimia.  What is different about this adventure for me, is that a great deal of my excitement is rooted in the anticipation of what I will be inspired to cook when I return, what wine we will taste that I will get to share with my foodie-girl friends and followers.  I can’t wait to write about it all!  All of that being said, I would love YOUR help as foodie-girl ventures into it’s eighth month and continues to grow.  What do you like?  What would you like to see more of on the blog?  Any particular recipes you would like me to attempt?  I would love your feedback.  And thank you SO much for being a part of my foodie-girl world. I feel an inordinate amount of joy over the fact that you take time to read my posts!  So thanks again for your love, feedback and support.  Adiós amigos!

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