Flora Springs Cabernet Franc, 2008

How cool is that label?  This bottle is from Flora Springs, an incredible winery in Napa Valley.  This particular bottle is a special release they make every October called their ‘Ghost Wine’.  The October 2010 selection is a beautiful Cabernet Franc.  The top is sealed in black or orange wax rounding out this spooky creation.  Flora Springs was our first stop when we toured Napa’s vineyards and it was our best overall experience.  Our guide couldn’t have been nicer.  He was approachable and didn’t laugh at our many questions.  We learned that Flora Springs is one of Napa’s ‘Ghost Wineries’, meaning that the winery itself has been in existence since before prohibition and the great depression.  While most businesses were shuttered forever after these two historical events, a select few wineries were reopened and brought back to life, the ghosts of the past still roaming the vines.  If you find yourself in Napa, Flora Springs should be your first stop – a great way to jumpstart your adventure.  And try their Cabernet Franc while you’re there.  It is a bit musty from the oak but very silky and velvety.  A pleasure to drink and easy on the palate.  Rich with history, Flora Springs makes a delicious lasting impression.




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