Ca’ Montini Pinot Grigio 2009

It’s apparent that Mother Nature is having an identity crisis.  Her unseasonably warm spring or, frankly, summer-like temperatures, have sent us all into a confused frenzy which, in foodie-girl’s household, generally translates into a conflict regarding which wine to drink.  It seems the days of bold and hearty reds have passed and bright, crisp white and rose wines have been called into work ahead of schedule.  I’ve decided to embrace this early spring and am happily allowing wines like this refreshing Ca’ Montini Pinot Grigio, to quench my thirst.  I recently shared this particular bottle with two of my girlfriends, Lindsay and Mandy, and we each agreed that the tart green-apple flavors were wonderfully balanced by light grapefruit notes, providing just the right amount of bitterness.  There is plenty of limey-acidity in this pinot grigio, making it my favorite, go-to, white varietal.  Not one for too much sweetness, this $12-$14 wine is widely distributed and easy to spot on the shelves due to the tall, alsatian-style bottle shape.  So I encourage you to take my advice and put a bottle of this pinot grigio on ice.  Head outside into the sun and raise a glass to toast… spring has arrived!




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