Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir 2009

For me, this has been the summer of golden, crisp, delightfully refreshing wine of the white varietal.  The incessant heat, coupled with my newfound love for white wine, has shifted the scales in my typically red-heavy world of wine consumption and I have been happily venturing through new aisles in the wine shops, exploring bottles and regions previously unknown to me.  As with anything in life, however, too much of a good thing can spoil a foodie’s taste-buds.  Sitting outside on a warm summer’s evening, I found myself wishing not just for the chill of fall, but for the hearty, deep reds that go along with it.  Those rich, smoothly weighted cabernets, merlots and chiantis that warm you from the inside out.  These are relatively hard bottles to swallow when the sun is high in the sky and the thermometer is tipping into the three digit range.  The solution?  A wine with punch and attitude that is bright and exciting to the taste-buds.  A wine that celebrates the flavors of summer with a slightly tart kick of cherry that is quickly smoothed over by the silky sweetness of strawberries.  Au Bon Climat.  Directly translates to ‘in good weather/the good climat.’  Coincidence?  I highly doubt it.  This pinot noir would turn any forecast, be it steamy or snowy, into a tolerable, dare I say enjoyable affaire.  It’s easy and pleasurable to drink, enjoyable with lighter meats like pork and chicken, but feisty enough to partner with a steak.  So as we venture into summer’s crescendo and begin the slow journey into fall, treat yourself to this lovely pinot noir.  Turns out it is a great way to beat the heat.



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